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A photo story about ICAWC 2013 – Part I

As you maybe well know, in an organization that helps abandoned dogs there are only a few volunteers, 8, 10, ok, maybe 15, but that’s it! Now, imagine being between three hundred people with the same spirit! A dream? No, pure reality! It happened in Barcelona, Spain, between 14th and 16th of October, on a conference organized by the British Dogs Trust Organization, the so called International Companion Animal Welfare Conference (ICAWC), edition 2013, where I had the great opportunity to participate with great help of my Swedish and Norwegian friends. There, I learned a lot about our four legged buddies, made many contacts, talked to many interesting people, facts that will help me a lot to treat the best way possible our dogs in the kennel, and, why not saying this, it’ll give me more motivation to continue with this hard job.

This conference was divided in three parts. On Monday the 14th we could visit a shelter. The choice was the official Barcelona city shelter, the so called CAAC. At the afternoon, very interesting workshops at the Alimara Hotel, local of the conference itself. Tuesday and Wednesday, the conference, with lots of speakers, about 30 in total. There, I didn’t stop writing, made many notes which I “translated” later in readable words.

The shelter is 4km away from Barcelona, situated in the hills in the West of this Catalan city. From the outside it looks big, very secure and got guards at fulltime.

Many volunteers are walking the dogs on an own path for this purpose. Look at the ground behind the board on the path, doesn’t it look like a dog?

Inside the kennel we could see the reason why so many people are walking the dogs. The boxes are very small, so the dogs have to go out, if not, they would go crazy. But, ok, you can’t have everything!

The cattery is big and well done, they have a great look to the outside and over the city.

Like in every place like this, there are innumerous announcements for lost and found dogs and cats.

This kennel got their own clinic where vets (paid by the city) do all kind of surgeries, mostly sterilizations, of course.

Hey! Let me out of here! I’m a dog and don’t like to be left with all that cats!!

To be continued.

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