domingo, 10 de março de 2013

Dog of the Week 2 - Ferreirinha

This week, the doggie I choose is ‘Ferreirinha’, for many reasons. First, because she’s a good example for showing us the will of being, or better, staying alive of an animal, and second, because she’s reeeally a veeery nice girl.
She came to us almost two years ago in an unimaginable state! Half dead, she could badly move, was full of injuries and weighted a bit more then 5kg. The diagnostic was very bad: anemia, Leismania and scabies. Her recover was amazing, she quickly gain weight with a help of many pills and, why not saying this, with a lot of love and care from all of us, especially from me. Today she’s still my best (doggie) friend, and was, in the first place, one of the reasons I go there every night to give medication to our ill dogs.
The reason of the name is because she was found in Ferreira do Alentejo (25km away from Beja). The name means little Ferreira, and she’s still waiting for a chance to get out of the shelter! We don’t think she still got Leish, for this we have to ask for a blood test, but they are too expensive for us. We have about 10 dogs in this state...

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