domingo, 31 de março de 2013

Dog of the Week 3 - Anne Frank

This dog of the week is a very special one. Maybe because of this we decided to call her Anne Frank, for being a survivor! She was found in Gabies town a few months ago in an almost unimaginable state. Half death, thin like a stick and full of wounds, because of a bad skin problem. She even ate the skin pustules! Horrible!
Of course, Gabi took her home and started to treat her. Then, we thought it would be better to take her for a few days in vet care. For that, we started a facebook petition to make some money for it. After this, she had to go several times to the vet again, taking bathes and proper medicine. But she wasn’t eating enough, and more tests revealed another illness! More medicine, more goings to the vet. Then, finally, she gained 8 kg in only 2 weeks and today she’s a normal and proud lady waiting for somebody to adopt her.

The first day when she was found

Finally cured!

I'm so happy now and even know how to smile :-)

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