quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2013

A very especial visit

Today our shelter received a very especial visit. 2 school classes of 5º and 6º great came from Almodôvar (a village 60 km south of Beja) in a study visit with their teachers and some helping personnel. I must say, we are not used to receive children at this age in large numbers, but we gave all the support to them because it was a school action to inform those kids about the problem of abandoned dogs. I divided the 44 kids in 4 groups, and like this, the visit was much calmer.
Here, Paco had all the attention.

Each student contributed with 1€ for dog food, so they could buy 60kg for our dogs.

At the end, I went into their bus, and with the micro in my hand I answered dozens of questions they had. Hope they are now more aware about the abandoned dog problem. Thanks for the visit!

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