quarta-feira, 24 de abril de 2013


Each year, our city of Beja organize a big event, a exhibition of all kind of things our region offers and produces, but also from other regions Portugal’s and even from Spain. And each year this event called OviBeja is visited by tens of thousand of people (yes, you read right) and of course, our association has to be a part of it. Fortunately, the organization let us participate for free, and we take this opportunity with both hands!

To have a proper visibility and success we have our own space where we sell some stuff like t-shirts, little purses, key holder or books, everything with animal pictures, of course. But, our main attractions are the dogs! Each day we took two different doggies there for three reasons: first, to let them see and feel other things and not only the coldness of the shelter; second, to give them a chance to get adopted; and last but not least, to be a sort of inveiglement for people to put some coins in the moneybox existing on top of one of the cages.

At the photo you can see two of our volunteers, Paula and Sandra, who took care of our space the first hours at this first day. The doggies are Fofinha (means very soft) and Zorrinho (little Zorro), they always want to get out for a walk ... and we do what they want ... because we never know when they’ll get out of the shelter the next time.
OviBeja ends on Sunday and we really hope to give some animals for adoption and make much money in this box and by selling’s, ‘cause as you best know, keeping such a shelter of ours is not cheep at all!

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