domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Dog of the Week 4 - Penilha

This weekend I present you our Penilha:

He lived for years on the streets of Beja, never harmed anyone, had many friends who treated and feed him. Ones he had a skin illness and a group of those friends asked us for help, so we did. They gathered money with a petition in a school and we took him several times to the vet, bringing him back each time to his favorite place. Cured, everything seemed alright until a real stupid guy burned his legs with boiling water! So, the best way was to put him into our shelter. There, he revealed himself as a real intelligent dog, very kind to human and other animals. And, we found out about another “quality” of his ... a rat hunter! He’s really good at this.
Now he is about 1 year in our shelter, had already some people interested in adopting him, but nothing on concrete yet. So, he’s still waiting for a real family...

Penilha sunbathing :-)

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